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Teacher Testimonials

What makes KRK a “Hug above the rest"? Gail Turcotte answers from a teacher's perspective

You will feel it as soon as you enter the facility. It is warm and full of smiles. It feels familiar and inviting. You are greeted with a smile that is sincere and happy to see you, children are everywhere and they always seem to be busy and engaged.

The atmosphere is an open one- no secrets here. The walls of our classrooms are made of glass allowing everyone access to see the excellent care and education that is given here. Cameras in each classroom provide our parents the opportunity to share in their child's day even though they cannot be with them. It also gives them comfort and confidence that their children are well cared for and that they are enjoying their day.

The commitment of our owners, Marty and Stephanie Nixon, furnish us with the latest technology such as our Hatch computer system which allows children to learn a variety of skills through educational programs and records their progress as they master each skill level. This is an invaluable teaching aid as it helps the teacher identify which skills have been mastered and which need work. The system also provides a print out of each skill level so that our parents have an accurate understanding of their child's progress.

In addition, our Smart board furnishes a wide spectrum of integrated learning experiences that are so interesting and so much fun, the children forget that they are learning. Although we follow an accredited curriculum which is rich and stimulating, teachers are encouraged to add their own individual ideas and creativity which further enhances an already amazing program. On any given day, you may hear a four year old explaining the difference between an abstract painting and a realistic one to any adult who might listen. You may see a group of children sitting quietly on a carpet, arms outstretched, eyes closed, engaged in guided meditation or yoga.

You may see a group of children walking down the hall in bright green shirts headed to the bus for a field trip to the High Museum or the Botanical Gardens. We have a 100% acceptance rate of children who have applied to private schools and our students have an excellent reputation in our public school system for readiness and performance. Kids R Kids West Cobb is dedicated to educating your child not only for today but for the future. We realize these wonderful children will grow up to be citizens in a global world, that they are the future and the change makers. We have faith in them and faith in our ability to give them the best education so that they can be successful in all their future pursuits.

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