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Newborn care and surviving that first stressful month of new parenthood!

Posted on 01-27-2015


First-time parents are often overwhelmed after arriving home with a newborn. A new “bundle of joy” is a major responsibility, combined with a lack of sleep, and the added stress of caring for an infant, it can equate to a multitude of major life adjustments. This blog will offer a few tips for first-time parents and that challenging “month one” of newborn care.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help

Reach out to parents, in-laws, an aunt, neighbors, or recruit friends to answer questions and give you reassurance. Most of them will have parental experience and can offer valuable advice on how to survive these first few stressful weeks and months of infant care. A “parental mentor” can be the difference between regular meltdowns and staying calm.

Take a needed-nap while your infant sleeps

Sleep will be a precious commodity and at a deficit for you while first caring for an infant. While your baby sleeps, take time for yourself. If this includes napping, so be it. You may not think these short naps are important, but they are often essential to surviving the remainder of a new parent’s day.

Ensure that your child’s crib is safe for sleeping

It is tempting to fill a crib with the new gifts of stuffed animals and fancy bedding. However, it is better and much safer just to have a firm mattress covered by a fitted sheet for your baby. Bedding and stuffed animals are a leading cause of infant suffocation and crib death if a baby pulls an item over its head or chokes when chewing on a harmless-looking toy.

The child care professionals at Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of West Cobb take great pride in providing the best possible infant care. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our child-friendly facilities and acclaimed educational programs. 

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