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Math education apps for your West Cobb County preschooler

Posted on 01-13-2015


Some children instinctively shy away from the idea of having to do math. However, teaching your child about numbers and math can be fun and engaging, especially with the advent of mobile technology and educational applications. There are literally thousands of excellent apps available that focus on teaching your child about the four basic arithmetic functions. Here, we take a closer look at some of the best educational math apps for preschoolers:

Einstein Math Academy for Android

This is an excellent app that caters to a wide variety of different age groups. Toddlers, who are not yet able to add or subtract, can use this app to better acquaint themselves with numbers and symbols. Preschoolers, who generally have more familiarity with numbers, can work through activities involving the four basic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division).

Counting Caterpillar for iOS

This game contains very nice visuals and sounds, and is appropriate for preschoolers between the ages of four and five. In this simple game, your child will need to feed the caterpillar, by capturing aphids in the right numerical sequence. This fun app will keep your child entertained for hours, while teaching important mathematical concepts.

Kids Math – Android

This is another great app that teaches your preschooler about the fundamentals of mathematics. The aim of this game is to pass all eight levels by correctly answering ten math related questions at each level. It may not be as visually stimulating as some of the other games, but it generates brand new questions each time your child plays, so learning is ongoing.

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