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A West Cobb County Learning Academy for Your Child: Intellectual Development in Infants

Posted on 12-01-2014


A child will learn an overwhelming amount in the first year of birth, and many parents may not know all the intricacies of early infant intellectual development. Join Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of West Cobb, Georgia to discover how vital the first year is in child development.

Zero to six months

In the past people believed that more growth occurred rather than intellectual development during the early stage of a child’s life. We now know this is not the case. While physical growth is very apparent during the first year of a child’s life, he or she will develop more intellectually. The child will start to react to verbal language and visual stimuli.

Seven to twelve

The second half of the first year of your child’s life is more exciting because of advanced communications from him or her. He or she will start saying some basic words such as “mama” or “dada” even though he or she does not know what the words mean. The child will also start to wave goodbye. Intellectual development is again evident by the fact that he or she will no longer forget about objects that are out of the range of vision. Instead, the child will actually search for them.

Your child will, either verbally or physically, communicate precisely what is wanted and needed. At this point the critical stages of communication development are finished. If you would like to give him or her even greater advantage, consider a high quality child care facility like Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of West Cobb in Marietta, Georgia. We offer an exclusive Brain Waves™ Curriculum that caters to a young, exploring, and developing mind. You can contact us to find out how to take advantage of our programs.

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